Jakarta, New Life, New Home..

Back again to Jakarta, after 3 years assignment abroad, from the country that not only so damn beautiful but also as peacefully as hell, yeaah this is Jakarta, the city full of hope for 250 milion others people, I was born and raised here, grew with the hardness of the environment.

Jakarta is the most sophisticated city among others in this country, while other city maybe or mostly don’t have what... mall... elevator... escalator.. decent airport or maybe just simple as don’t have KFC or Jco, well... I think I miss Switzerland, but not the job hell no, the job is worst job ever, but the Country is... what is the right word... is... Heaven

What I mean by the heaven is... the people, the society and the system is working together to create heaven, yes it has to be created, I salute them, maybe they are atheist, maybe they don’t believe God, or maybe they don’t believe in heaven, but infact, they do try to creating heaven on earth. So what is heaven? the holly book describe heaven as place that have so many beautiful park, that the strange rivers accross below them, a place that no one feel suffered, and always happy or feel simply peace, and that is Switzerland, at least I feel that way.

All system is meant to be easy, it have to be easy, you name it, they have it, what? Transportation always on schedule, every 8-15 minutes, the deck is so low that can make people so easy to walked trough, by people I mean for every level age, man and women, pregnant or senior, the payment system is by machine, online, can bought also from simply smartphone, thats the only tiny example what heaven is.

The park... so beautiful, clean, decent, fresh with so many big trees and green grass in a yard, always like that, the park also became the place for socialize, for kids playground, for couple that in love, for family ocassion, it’s the park that reunite them, to contemplate by looking at the high of blue sky, blue lake and crystal green river, yup, crystal water of lake and river apparently is not a myth, its real! Hahaa...

What else... the scenery of the mountain.. is..... for God sake is Perfect!! But I believe is not about the view, is not about the scenery that make it perfect, no its not, I do believe all view is the same, all scenery is the same as beautiful as everywhere else in the world, what the difference is the easyness of access, yes the easyness. Back then, never cross on my mind that would like mountain so much and feel amaze of the view there, I don’t understand also why my friends would let them self suffered and struggle just to go the mountain in indonesia, to risked their life and endangered their health, so there it was, I don’t like to go to the mountain.

But in switzerland, its easy, every mountain always have more than one alternative transportation, always available using car, train, tram, cable car, etc, the top of mountain always have restaurant and panoramic deck for tourism attraction, the key is easyness, everything must keep easy to be accessed and enjoyed.

So.. now Jakarta is real, this is the real life now at least for the next 2 or 3 year left I wish to accomplish certain things to do, such as having kids, got master degree on collage, perhaps scholarship better, greatest vacation on honeymoon holiday, and... what else... just to keep survive and health by more keen on routine of swimming and fitness, and hopefully my body would be like Jeff Said or not known model in many underware boxes, hahaa...

 Ps : Love you my wife, thanks for making all easy